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Between the Branches issue 45, March 2017

480B mulcher and new Tigercat mulching head | Thomas Logging in Saskatchewan | diesel fuel testing | the McCoys use Tigercat for site preparation | high hours, purpose-built is key for currency challenged countries | extend the life of your forestry tires

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BTB 36: Conexpo 2014

Tigercat was back at CONEXPO in March with the new 470 mulcher and the T726E street trencher.

BTB 35: Skidder Group Expands and Reorganizes

Continued growth of machine shipments combined with aggressive new product development and expansion of internal development efforts for Tigercat drivetrain components have resulted in an expansion of the Tigercat skidder group.

BTB 35: Top Sales Award for Parker-Pacific in 2012

John Galbraith (Parker-Pacific sales specialist), Ron Montgomery (Canadian sales manager, Tigercat), Steve Carter (Parker-Pacific sales specialist), Fil Rinaldis (project engineer), Glen Holbrook (Parker-Pacific sales specialist).

BTB 35: Chipping in Chile

KBM owner Daniel Hermosilla talks to BTB about the equipment and human resources required to produce chips efficiently in Chile.

BTB 35: Past, Present and Future

Mike Nadeau looks at the past and present for cues on how to evolve White Oak Inc. along a sustainable path to the future in Northern Maine.

BTB 35: Skidder Competition in Les Gets, France

Clohse Group, the Tigercat dealer for France, Belgium, Netherlands and Germany, decided to launch the new 610C DW mountain skidder at a skidding competition that is probably the only one of its kind anywhere in the world.

BTB 35: Changing the System

Gentz Forest Products faces new realities head on, transitioning from high volume chipping to processing in Michigan hardwood.

BTB 34: Eucalyptus Specialist

José Hidalgo talks about his company, Mecharv, and how a serendipitous walk in the British Columbia bush led to the purchase of 30 Tigercat machines.

BTB 34: Travel Quicker with WideRange

WideRange, the infinitely variable transmission for drive-to-tree feller bunchers, allows the operator to travel from tree to tree and to and from piles more quickly than machines equipped with a two-speed manual shift transmission.

BTB 33: Suzano Purchases 49 Tigercat Machines

Suzano Papel e Celulose is a Brazilian pulp and paper producer belonging to the Suzano Group, one of the largest corporations in Latin America with a presence in over 80 countries.

BTB 32: Cutting on the Edge in Eastern BC

The Larson family has been working in the forests of British Columbia since at least 1929, when Ivar and Lance’s grandfather started his first logging business.

BTB 32: 2012 Mid-South Forestry Equipment Show

Although heavy rains turned the demo site in the John W. Starr Memorial Forest into something swamp-like, staff from B&G Equipment and Tigercat managed to put together a successful show and machine demonstration.

BTB 31: Successful AUSTimber 2012

AUSTimber was a great show for Tigercat and co-hosts Forest Centre (Tigercat dealer for NSW, Queensland and WA) and Onetrak (Tigercat dealer for Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania).


Tigercat and CBI join forces, taking giant leaps toward a more cost effective multi-stem eucalyptus pulpwood harvesting system.

BTB 31: First Mover

During a recent Parker Pacific customer visit to the Tigercat facilities, Tigercat took the opportunity to acknowledge George Funk of Blue Valley Enterprises Ltd. who purchased the first 880 logger.

BTB 31: Mississippi Hills

In April 2011 Derrick O’Bryant toured the Tigercat facilities as part of a fact finding mission. Derrick was representing TDK Logging, a family owned business started by his father Edwin (Sam) O’Bryant thirty years prior.


Jimmy Glotfelty wrestles with giants as he tiptoes through West Virginia’s natural mixed hardwood forests.

BTB 27: The World of Klabin

Klabin is an integrated forest products company with 14 000 direct and outsourced employees, extensive land holdings and multiple industrial plants spread throughout eight states in Brazil.

BTB 26: Milestones for Clary Logging and Tigercat

Veteran Georgia logger and long-time Tigercat customer Robert Clary bought the first serial production model 726 as well as the 10,000th machine. He discusses the importance of preparedness, adapting to change, good equipment and hard work.

BTB 20: Tigercat Marches Across Siberia

On a February trip to start-up a new H860C harvester and provide initial operator training, I was fortunate enough to follow up with two of Tigercat’s first customers in Siberian. The companies purchased the Tigercat systems nearly one year ago.

BTB 13: The Hodge Brothers

Successful businessman and unconventional thinker, Eddie Hodge talks about Williston Timber's new low impact thinning concept and why, once upon a time, he and his brothers bought an unproven one-off machine from a bunch of Canadians.