Tigercat 1075B forwarder

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A Tigercat 1075B forwarder with extended bunks operating in British Columbia bug kill.

Dalfey S.A.: clearfell operation

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Dalfey's final felling operation in Uruguay. The Tigercat system is comprised of an 855C feller buncher, H855C harvester processing in-field, two 1075B forwarders equipped with the new Tigercat crane and a 220D loader. One of the forwarders is also equipped with the prototype Tigercat FG430 grapple. There are three sorts, clear logs, unpruned logs and pulpwood. Average piece size in the nineteen year old plantation is 3,2 tonne. Get the full story in Between the Branches, March, 2014.

1055B with Breson Brush Compactor

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Tigercat 1055B forwarder equipped with Breson brush compactor extracting biomass from a recently harvested cut block in Sweden. The unit is owned by Stig Löf.

See Between the Branches , March 2011 for the full story.

Tigercat Forwarder-Based Biomass Extraction

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A Tigercat 1055 forwarder-based biomass extraction system operating in southern Sweden.