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E-series skidders go global

The Tigercat E-series skidders get an option for the Tigercat FPT N67 Tier 2 engine bringing the benefits of Tigercat power to more harvesting professionals worldwide.

Tigercat is now offering an FPT Tier 2 engine option for the 604E, 610E, 615E, 620E, 630E and 635E skidders, bringing the benefits of the E-series to harvesting professionals worldwide. The Tier 2 option uses the same proven Tigercat FPT N67 engine used for Tier 4 final markets with a simplified after-treatment system.

Tigercat FPT engines are equipped with a second generation common rail fuel injection system, allowing them to achieve top performance in terms of load response, maximum torque and top power with minimum fuel consumption. The N67 provides outstanding reliability, low fuel consumption and high performance.

All E-series skidders are equipped with a new air ride seat with automatic weight adjustment to improve operator comfort and ergonomics. The new seat provides extensive adjustments for forward/back position, lumbar support and height. Integrated active climate control in the seat removes hot, humid air to cool the operator in summer. Seat heating keeps the operator warm in winter.

Tigercat designed and built forestry-duty axles are equipped in all E-series skidders. This gives Tigercat maximum design control and allows for enhanced commonality of spare parts across different machine models.