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Twenty-year-old Matt Cox operates one of the first Tier 4f Tigercat 822D track feller bunchers currently running in the US. Matt works for Mac McClure and Jim Hancock, owners of H & M Quality Logging near Elizabethtown, North Carolina.

– Samantha Paul, Tigercat marketing

The 822D has been on their job site for approximately two months with just over 250 operating hours, so BTB travelled down south to get some feedback on the 822D and how it’s running.

Mac McClure and Jim Hancock already own several Tigercat machines and knew right away that they wanted the new Tigercat 822D as soon as they heard about it. “Compared to other machines I have run, the Tigercat 822D is all around faster and better and the owners know it will last longer,” comments Matt.

Operator Matt Cox stands on the tracks of H & M Logging's new Tigercat 822D track base feller buncher.

Twenty-year-old operator, Matt Cox with H & M Quality Logging’s new Tigercat 822D track feller buncher, equipped with the 5702 felling saw and 45 degree wrist.

Matt immediately noticed the 822D redesign allowed for a larger standard fuel tank, increasing capacity by 55 L (15 US gal), which lets him work longer before refueling. Matt also commented on how much he likes the easy to use computer system. He also noticed a big difference in the air conditioning with the higher capacity cooling and multistage cabin air filtration, which definitely improves his comfort in hot, dusty North Carolina summers.

“Bluetooth makes phone calls a lot easier now. I no longer have to try holding my phone on my shoulder while I am trying to operate. I also don’t have to worry about [accidentally] hitting the fire suppression system as that has been moved out of the way,” explains Matt.

(L-R) 822D operator, Matt Cox; H & M Quality Logging owner, Mac McClure; Tidewater sales specialist, Jeremy Strickland stand in front of a newly purchased 822D feller buncher.

(L-R) 822D operator, Matt Cox; H & M Quality Logging owner, Mac McClure; Tidewater sales specialist, Jeremy Strickland.

More importantly, Matt really likes the easy service access of the powered engine enclosure, “Now you just open one area up and everything is there for you to see,” explains Matt. The engine compartment on the new 822D provides easy access to critical components such as hydraulic filters, the swing gearbox, cooling system components and both sides of the engine.

The 822D now comes standard with LED lighting for improved productivity. “Thankfully I don’t have to work in the dark but these LED lights are much brighter than any other cutter I have seen,” says Matt. He also notices a difference with the bigger undercarriage stating, “The machine has more stability and doesn’t jerk around as much as other machines I have run, it feels a lot smoother.”

H & M Quality Logging is currently working on a 300 acre (121 hectare) block. Mac and Jim aim to get 15-20 loads per day and find that the 822D stays way ahead. The only bottleneck in the operation is how fast the trucks can come to take away the timber. Matt has worked thinning jobs with a wheel feller buncher before and feels that the tight tuck boom on the 822D would work very well on any thinning job.

H & M Quality Logging just purchased a new 234B loader and a 630E skidder from Tidewater sales specialist, Jeremy Strickland. When asked why he keeps buying Tigercat equipment, Mac responds, “We just keep having more and more success with Tigercat equipment and most importantly they back us up with service.”

Matt is still considering going back to school to get a degree but isn’t sure what he wants to pursue at his young age. Matt knows logging, so for now this works for him and he really enjoys it… especially when he gets to operate a Tigercat.

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