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BTB 31: Tigercat Moves Assembly of Europe-Bound Machines

Tigercat moves assembly of Europe-bound forwarders and wheeled harvesters to Kincardineshire, Scotland in a bid to improve efficiencies.

In a move to improve service and decrease costs within the European market, Tigercat has officially relocated assembly of forwarders and wheeled harvesters from the somewhat remote Tigercat facility in Hede, Sweden to a newly constructed assembly facility in Kincardineshire, Scotland.

This move is another step in the process of increasing Tigercat’s presence in western Europe and Scandinavia. The existing facility in Hede will serve as Tigercat’s Swedish sales office, service facility and spare parts warehouse. In addition, Tigercat has sales personnel and service technicians strategically located in other forestry regions of Sweden.

Moving the assembly of harvesters and forwarders to Scotland will reduce transportation costs of both components and final assembled machines. The new facility is strategically located to serve both western Europe and Scandinavia.