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BTB 32: Tigercat in Europe

Clohse Group, Tigercat‘s Window to the 2012 Forestry Expos in Europe.

— Rossana Constant, international sales administrator

Clohse Group is the Tigercat dealer in several European countries, including Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands and Germany. The company, with more than 40 years of experience in the forestry equipment market originated in the village of Crombach (located near St. Vith) in Belgium. The founders, Dieter, José and Heinz Clohse, started the company out of their extensive knowledge of the forestry business.

BTB 32: Tigercat in Europe

During 2012, Clohse exhibited Tigercat equipment at two different trade shows, Forexpo in France and KWF in Germany. This was the first time that Tigercat equipment was displayed at forestry shows in Europe (outside of Sweden) and I felt proud of the robust Tigercat equipment highlighted by beautiful scenery and excellent stands and displays arranged by Clohse.

Clohse Group ordered four machines to display at the two shows: a 1055B forwarder, 1135 wheel harvester, a Turnaround equipped 610C grapple/winch skidder and an H845C track harvester.

Forexpo 2012, France

With support of the community of Mimizan, Forexpo, the European trade fair for forestry and logging, welcomed more than 33 000 visitors during the event held June 6-8, 2012. We were extremely impressed by the amount of people stopping at our site to see our machines and requesting information about them.

Our 610C skidder was a knockout according to the French loggers but all of them were requesting to see a double winch, a local preference that they are not willing to give up. Due to the high level of interest, Clohse set up an extremely well attended live demonstration after the show. The many contractors in attendance were very enthusiastic about the machines.

From there we moved to Germany to attend one of the biggest forestry equipment shows in Europe, KWF. Once again our dealer performance was first class in representing and exposing our equipment to the European logging contractors.

KWF Expo 2012, Germany

The first KWF event took place in Lüneburg in 1964 under the heading ‘Forest establishment – technical possibilities and innovative approaches.’ Until the 1980s each event focused on a special topic presented with practical demonstrations for forest professionals. These days, KWF takes place every four years, alternating with the Interforst trade show in Munich.

As visitor and exhibitor numbers continue to rise, the KWF has grown into the most important forest technology event in central Europe and one of the largest forest technology trade fairs in the world and for this we were proud to have our Tigercat equipment introduced to this market.

This year’s KWF, held June 13-16, was composed of three elements – the KWF exposition, field trips and the scientific congress. Over 400 exhibitors from 20 countries presented their current developments and state-of-the-art technology over a 100 ha (250 acre) site. The event attracted more than 53 000 visitors. Tigercat generated a great deal of local interest as well as attention from harvesting contractors in neighbouring Austria and Denmark.

If I have to describe these events in two words, I would say, total success!