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BTB 34: Travel Quicker with WideRange

WideRange, the infinitely variable transmission for drive-to-tree feller bunchers, allows the operator to travel from tree to tree and to and from piles more quickly than machines equipped with a two-speed manual shift transmission.

A Tigercat 726E wheeled feller buncher dropping a bunch from it's felling head.

Tigercat is the only feller buncher manufacturer to offer an alternative to the conventional two-speed transmission. With WideRange, Tigercat operators always have command of the full speed range from 0–10 mph (724E with 30.5×32 tires; top speed varies depending on model and tires).

Drive-to-tree feller bunchers spend a great percentage of the total duty cycle driving—to the next tree or to and from the bunch pile. With high engine horsepower and a large saw pump, Tigercat feller bunchers have lightning quick saw recovery—ensuring that the machine is ready to cut the next tree before the operator is. So the only way for the crack operator to further improve productivity is to reduce travel time. Quicker travel boosts productivity and reduces cost per tonne in high production applications.

Tigercat feller bunchers equipped with Tigercat bunching heads already have extremely efficient cut and dump cycles in thinning and other small timber applications with multi-stem bunch cycles. The ability of Tigercat’s bunching saws and shears to cut more trees per cycle and lay bunches down in neat and parallel alignment is well established. The ability to travel more quickly during the bunch and dump cycle will further improve overall productivity.

As an added bonus, Tigercat’s WideRange drive is more fuel efficient than a conventional two-speed transmission. WideRange is available as an option in the 720, 724, and 726 series feller bunchers.


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Speed and tractive effort. Have it all with WideRANGE, Tigercat's infinitely variable transmission for drive-to-tree feller bunchers and forwarders.

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