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BTB 35: Skidder Group Expands and Reorganizes

Continued growth of machine shipments combined with aggressive new product development and expansion of internal development efforts for Tigercat drivetrain components have resulted in an expansion of the Tigercat skidder group.

Since drivetrain product manufacturing takes place at the MacDonald Steel facility on Avenue Road, axles and transmission engineering as well as the advanced engineering and product development for skidders have also relocated to Avenue Road. Skidder product manager, Shawn Pette retains responsibility for all skidder engineering but has moved with the powertrain component development and advanced engineering group and will concentrate his efforts there. The group includes Ken Shantz, Jason Schneider, Ben Blackman and Nathan Henry.

Reporting to Shawn, Jeremy Piercy has assumed the role of group leader for the current skidder product line, coordinating the activity of the engineering team at Tigercat’s Savage Drive facility. This work consists of skidder design, product enhancement and refinement, as well as the development of skidder based off road industrial products such as sprayers and aerial device carriers. The group, comprising of Mansour Moshiri, Dan Gordon, Henry Nymann, Iryna Chorna, Dean Simon and Andrew Franklin, also provides technical expertise to the production, sales and service departments. Kevin Henson, also a member of the skidder engineering team, is remotely located and will work with both groups.