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BTB 36: Letters

I know you’re a busy man but I wanted to drop a quick email to brag on your equipment.

From: Russell Stites

To: Ken MacDonald

Subject: Random thank you

I currently own and operate daily (9) 234 Loaders, (4) 724 Cutters, (2) 726 Cutters, and (8) 620 and E620 Skidders. I do own some other brands as well due to limits on financing and such but the only paid for equipment I run daily is Tigercat. I honestly don’t think with today’s issues I could run the kind of logging force I run without the longevity that Tigercat offers. I bought one of the first 234s that came out. My loader was on the cover of the 234 brochure for a long time. That very machine now has over 14,000 hours on it and it runs every day on the original motor. It gets better fuel economy than my newer ones and it has ran a grapple saw in heavy hardwood applications almost its whole life.

Thanks for making a great product.

Russell Stites, President, Pro South Companies, Booneville, MS
Russell’s original 234 loader photographed in 2007.

Russell’s original 234 loader photographed in 2007.

Thank you very, very much

Mr. Stites,

It is always a great pleasure to get a thank you sent to me from any of our customers. We really do try hard to make the best equipment. You can rest assured that I will share your note with many of the other members on my team that have been influential in the development of the models of machines you have purchased and who continue to be the directing minds of our organization. Happily, as the founder and CEO, I have been blessed with many terrific people that I get to work with and fortunately for all of us, we continue to attract many more fine young members which will allow us to continue to design and build machines that meet customer needs.

Again, thank you for the note, the business you have steered our way, and the confidence you have placed in our dealer and Tigercat. If you are at the Starkville show this year, I would like to meet you and shake your hand.

Ken MacDonald, CEO of Tigercat