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BTB 37: Forestry Harvesting Demo 2014

Little Clyde, Elvanfoot, Biggar, South Lanarkshire, Scotland
Treetop brought the full range of Tigercat track harvesters; 4 Tigercat harvesters working along the edge of a forest.

Treetop brought the full range of Tigercat track harvesters.

– Gary Olsen, factory sales representative, international

Following the success of the inaugural Forest Harvesting Demo in 2010, it was evident that the organizers built on the positives from four-years ago and with no surprise came up with yet another great UK forest industry event.

Scottish contractors are eyeing up the 1135 as a potential thinning machine.

Scottish contractors are eyeing up the 1135 as a potential thinning machine.

In case you were wondering, the show was held at one single location and not four as the title suggests. Little Clyde is near to a tributary of the River Clyde that eventually flows through Glasgow. Elvanfoot is a very small town on the confluence of the River Clyde and Elvan Water. Biggar is the former burgh (town) under which the hamlets in the area fell and finally, South Lanarkshire is one of 32 unitary authorities of Scotland in which all of the above mentioned find themselves. Thank goodness for the GPS coordinates, N 55° 25’ 27.5” W 003° 35’ 38.5” or else I would have been lost!

Chips fly as a tree gets delimbed by the new Tigercat powered LH845D harvester

The new Tigercat powered LH845D harvester.

After easily accessing parking and a shuttle, I caught a glimpse of the logging demo site where I saw that the various suppliers had considerably stepped up their game with highly professional block planning, layout and harvesting operations. Demonstrations started at 8:00am and ran steadily until 4:00pm, giving attendees the opportunity to see the machines performing their daily tasks with none of the ‘smoke and mirrors’ associated with most other dynamic shows around the world – this was the real deal.

Treetop Forestry Ltd, Tigercat’s dealer for the United Kingdom, under the leadership of the Stewart and Gordon Booth, once again pulled out all the stops to showcase Tigercat’s tracked harvester range and the 1075B forwarder. Teamed up with Log Max harvesting heads, Tigercat carriers included the H845C, LH845C, H855C, LH855C and the first ever LH845D harvester with the Tigercat FPT N67 Tier 4f engine. The simple after treatment emissions solution was well received by the customers. The Tigercat 1135 eight-wheel harvester, initially designed for Sweden, was also on display and pitched at the potential thinning market in the UK.

A Tigercat forwarder is seen with it's lights on working in the fog.

The attendees enjoyed some fine Scottish weather.

As Tigercat rolls out more models with the Tigercat FPT engine, customers will receive full engine support from Tigercat and Treetop, including all parts, service, warranty and technical support.

The old saying, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy,” came to mind as some banter took place between well-known competitors, despite the serious nature of the show. The picture below clearly suggests someone arrived with a premeditated sense of humour. Then overnight someone from the other side lost or found theirs! Perhaps they weren’t even Scottish!