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BTB 38: Poetic License

Tigercat has been setting new monthly production records on a fairly consistent basis in 2014.

When a new record is set, it triggers a poem by resident Tigercat poet, Stacey Jonker (customs support), which in turn triggers a company-wide pizza party lunch. Here is Stacey’s October submission and Tigercat owner and CEO, Ken MacDonald’s, response:

October is well known for the tricks and the treats

Costumes aplenty and kids wandering the streets.

A pizza strategy was drawn up and put into place

It is the record high and we’ve now won the race!

It was tight and close but the number was met.

We all pulled together Ken, don’t you fret!

Pizza can be ordered, so let’s fill our bellies up,

And prep for November and another record??? YUP!!


Dearest Stacey,

Thanks for another work of art from a poet so great,

And not a minute too soon, given the final numbers came so late,

You have several weeks for a new poem to prepare,

The good news remains that the sales backlog is there,

I have faith that you can still make the breaking of records so fun,

Now it’s up to our production team to maintain the run.

Have a great day all,