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Tigercat customers worldwide will see the benefits of Tigercat FPT engines as the Tier 2 configuration is offered in addition to the Tier 4f.

– Lodovico Sinchetto, diesel engine systems

Tigercat introduced Tigercat FPT engines in North America and Europe in 2013. To date, Tigercat has shipped over 2,800 machines equipped with the N67 and C87 Tier 4i and Tier 4f engines. The transition has gone very smoothly.

The first Tigercat FPT powered loader to ship to Russia getting loaded on a barge.

The first Tigercat FPT powered loader to ship to Russia.

The engines are performing extremely well – with excellent fuel efficiency and great uptime. Power and performance are well matched to the various applications of the machines. The efficiency of Tigercat’s parts and service support combined with the additional dealer empowerment has resulted in an increased uptime and a better experience for our customers. We all know well that in logging, lost production is never made up. Tigercat’s customer service department and the dealer network take machine uptime very seriously.

Based on the positive experience, it was a natural progression to begin to add Tigercat FPT Tier 2 engine options to all the latest models. This will give all markets worldwide access to the latest and greatest machines as well as what we consider to be the best power plant. Tigercat has been working hard to train dealer technicians throughout the world. Tigercat is or will soon be shipping E-series skidders, D-series loaders, C-series forwarders, E-series drive-to-tree feller bunchers, the 875 logger and the various 822D, 845D and 855D carriers to Australia, New Zealand, Russia, South Africa and throughout South America.

Tigercat FPT Tier 2 and Tier 4f engines offer fast load response, low operating costs and high power density, combined with excellent fuel economy. Tigercat FPT emission technology is simple and reliable, meeting Tier 4f emission standards without the complexities of a variable geometry turbocharger, EGR system or diesel particulate filter. The key is the patented selective catalyst reduction (SCR) system.

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