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C-series forwarders, Tigercat Power 

Tigercat FPT Tier 2 and Tier 4f C-series forwarders hit markets around the world.

A Tigercat 1085C forwarder with a full load of logs; tigercat forwarders F195T85 crane is capable of lifting 20-30% heavier loads than any crane on the market.

Tigercat’s new 1055C, 1075C and 1085C forwarders are powered by the powerful and reliable Tigercat FPT N67 engine. Tier 2 and Tier 4f powered forwarders are landing on job sites throughout North America as well as Europe, Chile, Australia and New Zealand.

Tigercat Power, Tigercat support

Tigercat’s partnership with FPT Industrial provides an exceptionally reliable and fuel efficient solution for Tier 4 compliant markets in North America and Europe. Now the benefits are available more globally with the introduction of the Tigercat FPT Tier 2 engine.

All Tigercat FPT engines are equipped with a second-generation common rail fuel injection system for top performance. Quick load response, low operating costs and high power density combined with excellent fuel economy mean Tigercat FPT engines are the clear choice for forestry applications around the world. The biggest benefit for Tigercat machine owners is that the Tigercat FPT engines are fully supported by Tigercat and the Tigercat dealer network.

Tigercat cranes

Tigercat produces two forwarder cranes: the 165 kN F165T85 (standard on the 1075C) and the larger 195 kN capacity F195T85 (standard on the 1085C and optional on the 1075C). The F195T85 crane is capable of lifting 20%-30% heavier loads at the same reach compared with any other forwarder crane on the market. In addition, the crane boasts 22-66% more slew torque than any competing crane.

Both cranes are designed with a hooked profile to increase the working envelope for reduced machine travel and improved productivity. The FG43 and FG53 series Tigercat grapples compliment the cranes with larger load areas at 0,43 m² (4.6 ft²) and 0,53 m² (5.7 ft²) respectively.

Low-wide bunk system

Tigercat’s unique low-wide™ bunks are angled to reduce overall gate height. In combination with the hooked crane, the low-wide bunk system significantly decreases load/unload cycle times. The low-wide system is available for both the 1075C and 1085C forwarders.


The 1085C features Tigercat’s WideRange® transmission. WideRange provides extremely high tractive effort for steep slope applications, while permitting quicker working travel speeds. The 1085C is specially designed carry large loads over extreme terrain and slopes.

See April 2015 news release, “New Low-wide Bunk and Hooked Crane” to learn more about Tigercat cranes and the low-wide bunk system offered on Tigercat C-series forwarders: