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New G-series feller buncher cab

Tigercat is continuing to evolve the G-series drive-to-tree feller bunchers with the introduction of an improved operator's cab. 

Cab comfort and ergonomic design are key to operator productivity in the woods and the new G-series cab is quiet and well-equipped. On the outside of the G-series drive-to-tree feller buncher cab, the work lights have been moved into enclosures incorporated into the cab structure to better protect them from falling trees or limbs. LED lights improve reliability and brightness over the previous halogen models. The new lights produce a more even light pattern that provides better coverage around the machine. High output LEDs are available as an option.

Tigercat feller bunchers have always provided unmatched visibility. The G-series now takes line of sight to a new level. The front window area is nearly 10% larger. Combined with Tigercat’s low-profile boom structure, it provides exceptional visibility to the front. The rear quarter windows are over 20% larger so the view over the back tires is the best in the industry — an asset in thinning applications.

Climate controlled seat

The air suspension seat features pull-through ventilation which moves hot, humid air away from the operator’s legs and back, producing a cooling effect. For colder weather, the seat is also heated. The new seat can be adjusted two inches wider than the previous seat.

The electronic control display module is now fitted in an adjustable mount so that the operator can position it for optimal visibility. Frequently used controls have been integrated into the joystick pods to make them easier to reach.

Quiet and comfortable

Air-conditioning and heating vents have been repositioned to improve airflow for cooling and heating. As a result, there is a more even distribution of air to the operator and much better defrost. There is no shortage of air supply for operator comfort in the cab. Front window and skylight shades help to reduce heat build-up when working in bright sunshine. Cab insulation and interior finishing have been improved. The working noise level is 76 decibels which is similar to an automobile on the highway.

Finally, the new cab includes a full range of accessories for operator comfort. The cab includes 12 and 24 volt power sockets, two large cup holders, a cell phone holder and two USB ports that can be used for charging phones or tablets. A CB radio is optional. The audio system provides AM/FM, weather band and Bluetooth for hands-free calling and audio streaming from mobile devices.