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New 470 mulcher

Tigercat has added a new model to its expanding line of mulcher carriers.

BRANTFORD ONTARIO, NOVEMBER 20, 2013 – The new 470 mulcher is equipped with the Tigercat FPT C87 Tier 4i 245 kW (328 hp) engine. It is narrow and agile with extremely low ground pressure, rated at 20,9 kPa (3 psi). The 470 is best suited to tough terrain and sensitive site ROW, pipeline maintenance and oil and gas exploration projects.

The 470 is equipped with an efficient, high capacity cooling system with a variable speed fan and automatic reversing cycle, a dedicated attachment pump and an efficient closed loop track drive system. Inside the cab, the operator has ergonomic electronic joystick steering with CRF (counter-rotate function) for ‘turning on a dime’ at the touch of a button. The heavy duty steel engine enclosure and precleaner guard eliminates the requirement for a rear canopy. All structural components are designed for full time forest duty.

For over two decades Tigercat has designed and built forestry equipment with increasingly complex hydraulic and electronic systems that are able to survive some of the harshest operating environments on the planet. This knowledge and experience has resulted in a line of mulchers with more reliability, higher uptime, a longer useful life and greater productivity and efficiency than competing products.

About Tigercat

Tigercat Industries designs and manufactures premium quality forestry and off-road equipment with manufacturing facilities in Canada and worldwide distribution. The diverse product range includes complete full-tree and cut-to-length harvesting systems, a growing line of land clearing and vegetation management equipment and specialized off-road industrial and material handling machinery.

A Tigercat 470 mulcher leaves a path of mulch behind it as it plows through a forest.

Tigercat 470 mulcher