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New Product: LS855C Shovel Logger

Tigercat has been testing a new machine, the LS855C shovel logger, in steep slope applications in South America and Tasmania.

PARIS ON, DECEMBER 4, 2009 – This highly refined machine uses the durable C-series upper assembly and has the same FH400 undercarriage and super duty leveling system as the L870C feller buncher. The purpose-built ER shovel logger boom with live heel provides a maximum reach of 10,9 m.

The LS855C uses Tigercat’s new twin swing drive system, providing powerful swing torque while minimizing pinion loads for extended swing system life. A closed loop swing circuit provides high swing performance as well as an energy recovery system. Every time the machine upper slows its rotation, energy is returned to the engine flywheel through the pump and motors. This energy is then available for other machine functions, increasing overall performance or decreasing fuel consumption.

Tigercat is leading the industry with its efficient hydraulic systems and the LS855C has the added benefit of ER technology. Standard on all Tigercat track feller bunchers and harvesters, the patented ER boom technology allows the operator to extend and retract the boom on a horizontal plane using a single joystick.

In doing so, ER transfers energy back and forth between the main and the stick boom functions, reducing the total energy required and freeing this energy up for other machine functions or fuel savings. No other equipment manufacturer has comparable technology. The operator can disable the ER system with a control switch in the cab for better control of heavy loads on steep slopes.

The machine is proving to be very cost effective for forwarding timber from extremely steep inclines to flatter terrain, where grapple skidders transport the loads to roadside.

The LS855C offers many advantages over excavator based shovel loggers including extreme forest duty construction, 4-way leveling capability, high horsepower and high capacity, variable flow cooling.

About Tigercat

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