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New Tigercat forwarder crane and grapples

Tigercat has released exciting new crane and grapple options to enhance the Tigercat 1075B forwarder.

BRANTFORD ON, JUNE 11, 2014 – Designed and built by Tigercat, the new heavy duty F195T85 crane is capable of lifting 20 to 30% heavier loads and has 22 to 66% more slew torque than any other competing crane on the market. The crane geometry is optimized for quick loading and unloading cycles with excellent grapple clearance above the load. It is also the only crane that can handle a 0,53 m² grapple, a great advantage in smaller diameter log applications.

The F195T85 is the only crane with standard end-of-position dampening sensors on the stick and main booms to prevent impact loads. The tapered roller bearing in the slew base is designed to last the life of the machine, a vast improvement over the plain bearing and spherical rollers used in other cranes. It is also the only crane with swivels on the pillar hoses for extended hose life, thick walled bushings used at all pivots and a cushioned telescopic cylinder.

Tigercat F195T85 forwarder crane

Tigercat F195T85 forwarder crane

The new Tigercat FG43 and FG53 series grapples compliment the new crane with larger load area capacities at 0,43 m² and 0,53 m² respectively. The grapples are fitted with thick walled bushings for extended service life. The link has a patent pending hose routing design to better protect the hoses and the swing dampener has been specially designed for heavy duty application.

Prototype testing of the new crane and grapple design has been ongoing in northern Uruguay in one of the most demanding and arduous forwarder applications imaginable. The first two assemblies have clocked over 2,000 hours since November 2013 working in extremely large diameter 5 m eucalyptus logs and 7 m pulp logs. For more information, see Hot and Heavy, Between the Branches, March 2014.

About Tigercat

Tigercat Industries designs and manufactures premium quality forestry and off-road equipment with manufacturing facilities in Canada and worldwide distribution. The diverse product range includes complete full-tree and cut-to-length harvesting systems, a growing line of land clearing and vegetation management equipment and specialized off-road industrial and material handling machinery.