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Product support is everything. With a highly trained worldwide dealer network and a large team of highly skilled and empowered factory representatives, Tigercat seeks to maximize machine uptime at the lowest possible cost to the end user.

Tigercat dealer service technicians are factory trained to efficiently diagnose problems and make the appropriate repairs using best practices and genuine Tigercat parts. Tigercat replacement parts including consumables like filters and o-rings are carefully specified to optimize the performance of Tigercat machines.

Service your machine at an authorized Tigercat dealership and always ask for genuine Tigercat parts. Accept no substitute.


Tigercat takes parts availability very seriously. Tigercat dealers are committed to an extensive stock of spare parts to keep your machines up and running. Over the last five years our order fill rate for same day shipping of parts for machine down orders is 92.5% (updated stat?). The goal is to maximize machine up time at the lowest possible cost to the end user. Tigercat dealers are committed to carrying an extensive parts inventory to serve you better. Tigercat also maintains a 24/7 Parts Service so that your dealer can order a rush part anytime day or night.

Perform Your Own Maintenance

Tigercat has a selection of specialized service tools and testing equipment including pressure gauge kits and hose contamination cleaning kits.

Tigercat also offers is own line of specialized heavy-duty forestry grease. Tigercat grease is cost competitive and specially formulated for demanding, high duty cycle forestry applications.

Contact your local Tigercat dealer for a complete list of available items.