The 1135 harvester is a powerful, agile machine that is specially designed for in-stand harvesting and ghost thinning. The harvester’s unique characteristics result in high production rates and the minimal impact on the soil, root mass and standing trees.

The 1135 is narrow, yet stable with a powerful, long-reach crane is capable of handling heads up to 900 kg. Side-tilt allows the operator to reach around standing trees.

The high horsepower engine provides powerful tractive effort for excellent performance in deep snow and steep terrain. The operator’s station has a curved windshield for unparalleled upward visibility – essential in selective felling applications.

Key Benefits

  • Powerful engine combined with dedicated pumps for drive, harvesting head and crane functions for extremely high performance
  • 8-wheel drive with bogie lifts – excellent stability, softest footprint
  • High quality, customizable, ergonomically positioned controls to minimize operator fatigue
  • Narrow width, high ground clearance and tight turn radius – highly agile in tight thinning applications, minimal impact on residual stand
  • Powerful Tigercat crane with fore/aft leveling and side tilt to reach around standing trees
  • Expansive, ergonomic operating environment – 360 degree visibility, constant temperature climate control


Video of the 1135 Harvester: In-Stand Thinning Applications
1135 wheel harvester: blowdown clear fell


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News & Articles

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  • Tigercat Retails Prototype 1135 Harvester

    In late 2009, after three years of intensive product development, Tigercat completed the prototype 1135 harvester, shipping it to Sweden where it underwent intensive product testing throughout the winter with a number of harvesting contractors.

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  • BTB 38: Ghosts in the Forest

    BTB recently visited the Cape Breton Highlands to see how the first 1135 harvester on the continent is working out. Truro, Nova Scotia based Highland Pulp Ltd. recently acquired the machine to perform ghost thinning.

  • BTB 37: Forestry Harvesting Demo 2014

    Little Clyde, Elvanfoot, Biggar, South Lanarkshire, Scotland

Show measurements as:
LENGTH less boom (metric)6 690 mm
WIDTH (metric)2 220 mm
HEIGHT (metric)3 790 mm
SHIPPING HEIGHT (metric)3 630 mm
GROUND CLEARANCE (metric)625 mm
WEIGHT (metric)15 000 kg
ENGINEMercedes 906 170 kW (228 hp) 810 Nm (597 ft-lb) @ 1200-1600 rpm
COOLINGSide-by-side radiator, oil cooler and charge air cooler
FANHydraulically driven, automatic variable speed with automatic reversing cycle
FUEL CAPACITY (metric)240 L
TRANSMISSION2-speed mechanical shift Variable speed hydrostatic
AXLE frontGear bogie
AXLE rearGear bogie
DIFFERENTIAL LOCKSIndependent front and rear
BOGIE LIFTFront and rear
LOW RANGE (metric)10 km/h
HIGH RANGE (metric)24 km/h
RESERVOIR (metric)150 L
SECONDARY BRAKESEnclosed, oil cooled
PARK BRAKESpring applied, hydraulic release, enclosed
SERVICE BRAKEHydrostatic, enclosed, oil cooled
FRONT500/60 x 22.5, 16PR
REAR500/60 x 22.5, 16PR
BATTERY(2) 950 CCA,12 v
ALTERNATOR140 amp, 24 v
CABPressurized, insulated and isolation mounted with constant temperature A/C and heater Thermal formed curved windshield Thermal insulated polycarbonate windows 2 exits Computerized machine monitoring system Stereo radio/cd player
SEATAir ride, extreme duty fully adjustable 270° Rotating with lumbar support and armrests
OPERATOR CONTROLSElectronic for all functions (less head) Mini-joystick for steering Electronic control system with colour LCD display screen for machine monitoring and function adjustment
CRANE/HEADMini lever, electric over hydraulic
STEERINGElectric joystick
OPTIONALHeads up to 800 kg (1,760 lb) including rotator
OPTIONALWebasto engine/cab/hydraulic heater Block heater Hydraulic reservoir heater Vacuum pump, GPS receiver Stump spray equipment Colour marking Air compressor Road lights, Window blinds RemoteLog™ telematics system