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Tigercat Forestry Equipment product sideview of a 250D log loader

250D Loader

The 250D is designed and built for high production logging operations, heavy timber and tough duty cycle delimbing applications. It can be equipped with the AC16 articulating carrier for mill yard applications.

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A high performance, heavy lifting loader, the 250D is suited to delimbing, merchandising and loading heavy, tree-length logs. The 250D can be equipped with a pull-through delimber, bar saw slasher, circle saw slasher or grapple saw for maximum flexibility. The strength-to-weight optimized boom system is designed to withstand the forces of tough duty delimbing and loading.

The efficient load sensing hydraulic system with swing priority and energy recovery delivers simultaneous power to all machine functions for high performance and response, while providing excellent fuel efficiency for reduced cost per tonne.

Tigercat power. Tigercat support.

The 250D loader is Tigercat FPT Tier 2 or Tier 4f powered. Tier 4f conforms to the latest emissions standards in North America and Europe. With the Tier 2 engine configuration, Tigercat brings the benefits of Tigercat power and support to harvesting professionals around the world. Learn more about Tigercat FPT

Key Benefits

  • Tigercat FPT N67 engine with Tier 2 or Tier 4f emissions compliance – clean, powerful and efficient; fully supported by Tigercat
  • Advanced load sensing hydraulic system – excellent fuel economy.
  • Dedicated swing pump – quick swing cycles and enhanced performance in delimbing applications
  • Energy recovery swing system – closed loop drive feeds power back to the engine as swing decelerates, reducing heat and fuel consumption and recovering energy for other machine functions
  • Large diameter swing bearing with twin swing drives for high torque and long life
  • Automatic engine idle down for reduced fuel consumption in unsteady wood flow situations
  • Rigid, fabricated subframe is generously sized for excellent stability
  • High capacity cooling system
  • Durable Tigercat cylinders; no aluminum components
  • Unmatched service access – hydraulic valves are top accessible underneath the deck plate cover
  • Optional (735 mm / 29 in) cab riser for increased visibility in high decking applications.
  • Optional AC16 articulating carrier designed and built by Tigercat; forest duty axles and powerful tractive for rough terrain and towing applications


Video: Tigercat knuckleboom loaders
Watch Tigercat 234B and 250D series knuckleboom loaders in delimbing, sorting and loading applications. Tigercat log loaders are extremely fuel efficient, highly reliable and very productive. Download in HD  
The Truth about Tier 4f
Tigercat FPT engines meet stringent Tier 4 emission levels without the need for variable geometry turbochargers, an EGR system, a higher capacity cooling system, an intake throttle body or a diesel particulate filter. The engine series offers improved reliability and lower long-term maintenance costs. Most of the new emission equipment is found in the exhaust or after-treatment system. The key is the selective catalyst reduction (SCR) which converts the harmful components of the exhaust gas stream into water, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide. Learn about the advantages of the Tigercat Tier 4f solution in this short but very informative video. Download in HD Download for mobile  


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Show measurements as:
LENGTH less boom and steps (metric)5 080 mm
WIDTH (metric)2 590 mm
HEIGHT (metric)3 450 mm
WEIGHT less attachment (metric)17 010 kg
ENGINE Tier 4fTigercat FPT N67 Tier 4f 151 kW (203 hp) @ 2200 rpm (rated) 165 kW (221 hp) @ 1900 rpm (peak) Automatic idle down
ENGINE Tier 2Tigercat FPT N67 Tier 2 159 kW (213 hp) @ 2100 rpm (rated) 165 kW (221 hp) @ 1900 rpm (peak) Automatic idle down
COOLINGSide-by-side aluminum radiator, oil cooler, charge air cooler and A/C condenser
FANFixed pitch, high flow
FAN, OptionalFlexxaire® variable pitch, reversing
FUEL CAPACITY (metric)378 L
DEF CAPACITY Tier 4f (metric)43 L
PUMP, SWINGPiston, pressure compensated
FILTRATION(4) Spin-on, 7 micron full-flow
CYLINDER, HOIST178 mm (7 in) diameter
CYLINDER, STICK152 mm (6 in) diameter
CYLINDERS, STABILIZERS(4) 165 mm (6.5 in) diameter Bolt-on bi-directional lock valves
RESERVOIR (metric)200 L
LENGTH less step (metric)4 290 mm
SUPPORT BASE (metric)3 810 mm x 4 650 mm
STABILIZER PADS (metric)585 mm x 710 mm
SWING DRIVE8 rpm variable, 360˚ continuous rotation Swing priority and energy recovery
SWING BEARING1 190 mm (47 in) ball circle diameter; Internal gear teeth Double reduction planetary gearbox
ENCLOSUREWalk-up platform
MAXIMUM REACH (metric)9 750 mm
LIFT CAPACITY (metric)15 875 kg @ 3,35 m 7 075 kg @ 7,62 m
BARE PIN LIFT at 3,35 m (metric)15 875 kg
BARE PIN LIFT at 7,62 m (metric)7 075 kg
BATTERY(2) 950 CCA, 12 v
ALTERNATOR80 amp, 24 v
LIGHTINGHalogen, (2) boom mounted, (3) cab mounted, (1) engine house (1) service, engine house
LIGHTING, OptionalLED lighting package
CABInsulated, pressurized and isolation mounted Forward sloping, tinted polycarbonate windshield with intermittent wiper Sliding tinted side windows Polycarbonate skylight Window blinds for windshield and skylight A/C, heater, defroster and pressurizer 3-speed fan Dome light Cell phone holder (2) 12 v power points CB radio AM/FM digital stereo with CD player and auxiliary input port; Bluetooth® audio and hands-free calling Electronic control system with colour LCD display screen for machine monitoring and function adjustment
SEATHeavy duty suspension, fully adjustable, heated and cooled
BOOMHydraulic joystick
SWINGFoot operated, pilot valve
STABILIZERSElectric switches
STANDARDDelimber/bar saw slasher hydraulics
OPTIONALTigercat LG4053, LG5057T grapples, continuous rotation Other grapples available Live heel Grapple saw hydraulics Cylinder lock valves RemoteLog™ telematics system