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Tigercat 480B mulcher

480B Mulcher

The 480B mulcher is a 407 kW (546 hp) class carrier best suited to tough terrain and large scale land clearing and right-of-way (ROW) projects.

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Tigercat mulcher carriers offer superior build quality, greater hydraulic efficiency, better operator ergonomics and easier access to components and daily service points than competing mulcher carriers. The result is greater uptime and higher productivity — essential in time-sensitive ROW clearing projects.

The 480B mulcher is built for the toughest terrain, soft soil conditions and the most demanding duty cycles. It is the ideal carrier for large scale clearing and right-of-way projects.

Key Benefits

  • Powerful and efficient Tigercat FPT C13 Tier 4f engine
  • Efficient, high capacity cooling system with variable pitch fan and automatic reversing cycle
  • Large, dedicated attachment pump
  • Highly refined closed loop track drive system
  • Oscillating track system with heavy duty track frames and mounting system
  • Counter-rotate function (CRF) for ‘on a dime’ at the touch of a button
  • High-lift boom geometry for improved performance on sloped terrain
  • Ergonomic electronic joystick steering
  • Heavy duty steel engine enclosure, exhaust and precleaner guard; no need for a visibility impairing canopy


Video: 480B mulcher with prototype 4061 mulching head
The Tigercat 480B mulcher equipped with the prototype 4061 mulching head operating in Pennsylvania. Download in HD


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Show measurements as:
LENGTH less attachment (metric)5 817 mm
WIDTH less attachment (metric)2 590 mm
HEIGHT transport (metric)3 330 mm
GROUND CLEARANCE (metric)560 mm
GROUND PRESSURE less attachment (metric)36.5 kPA
WEIGHT less attachment (metric)22 345 kg
ENGINE Tier 4fTigercat FPT C13 Tier 4f 411 kW (550 hp) @ 1,800 rpm (rated) 411 kW (550 hp) @ 1,800 rpm (peak)
AIR FILTRATIONPrecleaner and 2-stage air cleaner
COOLINGAluminum side-by-side radiator, oil cooler, charge air cooler and A/C condenser Swing-out intake debris screen
FANHydraulic automatic variable speed, reversible
FUEL CAPACITY (metric)850 L
DEF CAPACITY Tier 4f (metric)135 L
FORWARD/REVERSE (metric)6.5 km/h
PUMP, TRACK(2) Piston, closed loop
FILTRATION(9) Spin-on, 7 micron full flow
CYLINDERS, BOOM(4) 115 mm (4.5 in) bore
RESERVOIR (metric)295 L
TRACK FRAMESD6 heavy-duty forestry Integral track guides, ramp angles, oscillation
TRACK CHAIND6 203 mm (8 in) pitch sealed and greased
FINAL DRIVE(2) Axial piston motors; Infinitely variable speed
TRACTIVE EFFORT (metric)214 kN
TRACKFriction disc Automatic spring applied, hydraulic release
BATTERY(2) 12 v
ALTERNATOR110 amp, 24 v
CABFully enclosed, insulated and isolation mounted (2) doors and roof exit Air conditioner heater and pressurizer Polycarbonate front and rear glazing Forward sloping windshield Sliding tempered glass side windows with guards AM/FM CD stereo with Bluetooth® Audio and hands free calling
SEATExtreme duty air ride, fully adjustable, heated and cooled Armrest mounted joysticks
OPERATOR CONTROLSElectronic for travel/steering/boom, joystick control Electronic travel speed control limiter Cruise control Electronic control system with colour LCD display screen for machine monitoring and function adjustment
STANDARDBack-up alarm Rear camera Hydraulic reservoir hand fill pump Fire extinguisher Air compressor LED service lights LED working lights Fire detection
OPTIONALRecovery winch Ground level fueling system CB radio Fire suppression Cold weather aids (110 VAC or diesel powered) RemoteLog™ telematics system
STANDARDTigercat 4061 mulching head Flexible hydraulic system Choice of horizontal drum type mulching attachments requiring up to 358 kW (480 hp)

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