The H250D is designed for  roadside processing applications. The efficient load sensing hydraulic system with swing priority delivers simultaneous power to all machine functions.

Purpose-built, the Tigercat H250D offers many advantages over excavator conversions including better service access, higher cooling capacity and harvester head optimized hydraulics.

With a 9,75 m boom, the H250D can be matched to processing heads weighing up to 3,400 kg.

H250 series processors are operating in such diverse areas as the US, Uruguay, South Africa and Australia in both pine and eucalyptus roadside processing applications.

Key Benefits

  • Advanced load sensing hydraulic system – excellent fuel economy.
  • High capacity cooling system for tropical applications.
  • Heavy duty Tigercat-built F8 forestry undercarriage – excellent stability, ground clearance and tractive effort
  • Automatic engine idle down for reduced fuel consumption in unsteady wood flow situations
  • Clear access to pumps and valves and engine; far superior to excavator conversions
  • Insulated, isolation mounted, climate controlled operator’s station
  • Optional (735 mm / 29 in) cab riser for increased visibility in high decking applications.
  • No additional guarding or add-ons required for roadside processing.


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