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General safety links

Links to organizations and resources related to safety in forestry and logging.

Health and Safety Executive (UK)

Download numerous free leaflets relating to safety in forestry operations including information on chainsaws, work off ground, extraction, processing, steep slope operation, etc.

BC Forest Safety Council (Canada)

Download the Steep Slope Resource Package including the Steep Slope Hazard Assessment Tool and a Map Example.

National Timber Harvesting and Transportation Safety Foundation (USA)

Contains links and ordering information for numerous logging safety handbooks, videos, pamphlets and releases.

Forest Resource Association (USA)

Click on publications. Contains download and ordering information for numerous logging safety publications, videos, CDs and brochures.

Association of Equipment Manufacturers (International)

Contains ordering information for safety manuals covering crawler tractors, feller bunchers, forwarder, log skidders and a wide range of farm and construction equipment.

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