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Peaked skylight window – Warning July 2013

Recommendations for those using Tigercat 800 series machines working in bug-kill wood applications.

Recently there have been documented incidents of Tigercat 800 series machines working in bug-kill wood applications where the force of an impact from falling tree tops and branches has compromised the skylight window or skylight attaching hardware to the cab.

Therefore in all bug-kill applications, Tigercat strongly recommends the immediate replacement of the peaked skylight with a Tigercat manufactured flat steel cover.

In forests killed by fire or disease, it is assumed the same risks are possible and therefore the same recommendation applies.

Tigercat will provide the appropriate parts at no cost to customers.

Also please note that for normal (healthy forest) felling and harvesting applications, Tigercat customers may continue to use existing Tigercat skylights with a ¾ inch (19 mm) polycarbonate viewing window. However, if your skylight has a ½ inch (12 mm) polycarbonate viewing window, Tigercat recommends converting to ¾ inch (19 mm) polycarbonate immediately.

For additional clarification and ordering information for both of these important product safety recommendations, please consult your Tigercat dealer.