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Tigercat 610C DW: The mountain skidder

Tigercat shipped its first ever 610C DW (dual winch) mountain skidder to Europe this past summer.


Product shot of a 610C DW mountain skidder on a white background.

610C DW mountain skidder


BRANTFORD ONTARIO, NOVEMBER 19, 2013 – After appearing at Elmia Wood 2013, the large Swedish forestry equipment show, the machine was delivered to Belguim-based Tigercat dealer, Clohse Group.

The 610C DW is based on a standard 610C with a number of unique modifications. The machine is equipped with a dual winch. The two independently controlled hydrostatic drive drums can pull two loads at the same time with 16,000 kg of pulling force. The winches have a 220 m capacity with a 14 mm diameter cable.

When the hydraulically operated movable winch shield is lowered, it acts as an anchor for the machine.

In addition, the 610C DW is equipped with two-cylinder, two-tong blade grapple for short wood decking and stacking duties.

All drive, winch, blade and blade grapple functions can be operated by wireless remote control with a 440 m range. A safety cut out is activated if the wireless connection is lost.

The 610C mountain skidder is specially designed and specified for low impat forestry applications in the most mountainous regions in Europe, including the Alps and Pyrenees ranges, as well as other areas with extremely steep hillsides ill-suited to conventional mobile equipment.

Winching is generally performed uphill. The radio control system allows a single operator to run the machine and the cables without constantly entering and exiting the cab.

On extremely narrow mountain tracks with no opportunity to turn the machine, TurnaroundTM is a very important advantage. It allows the operator to comfortably travel winch-forward for the long distances that are often required.

About Tigercat

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