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Tigercat Adds Off-Road Industrial Product: S610C Sprayer

Tigercat recently opened a new division that specializes in the engineering and development of specialty machines for off road industrial applications.

PARIS ON, AUGUST 12, 2010 – The applications and industries currently served include land clearing and ROW maintenance, aerial device carriers for utilities industry applications and site preparation. The newly developed S610C sprayer addresses off road herbicide and fertilizer applications.

The S610C can be easily equipped with a fertilizer hopper and broadcaster or a herbicide tank with sprayers for fertilizer and herbicide application in young plantations or other difficult off road applications.

Based on the 610C platform, S610C is a purpose built machine with a number of special design elements. A load sensing hydraulic system reduces fuel consumption. With the help of pressure compensated hydraulics, the spreader or sprayer feed rate automatically adjusts to changes in travel speed, resulting in consistent coverage.

An automatic variable speed/reverse pitch fan and additional air intake screens prevent debris build-up. This is a significant issue in juvenile plantations that have never been thinned.

The overall width is significantly reduced through blade, axle and wheel mount modifications to allow passage through the tightly spaced rows of very heavily limbed immature trees. The machine has an oscillating centre joint in place of the oscillating front axle that skidders are typically equipped with.
Donald Robbins owner of Robbins Forestry Inc. was instrumental in the development of this model and has taken delivery of the first two units. He has contracts in Georgia and Florida to improve timber stand health and control understorey in pine plantations.

About Tigercat

Tigercat Industries designs and manufactures premium quality forestry and specialized off-road equipment with manufacturing facilities in Canada and Sweden and worldwide distribution. The diverse product range includes complete full-tree and cut-to-length harvesting systems, a growing line of land clearing and vegetation management equipment and specialized off road industrial machinery.