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It is essential to use the correct filters and service intervals to get maximum life and highest uptime from forestry and off road industrial equipment.

The Last Line of Defence

Forestry and off road industrial equipment often works in punishing conditions. Modern mobile machinery is more efficient and productive than ever. As a result, components are more susceptible to damage from contaminants and far less forgiving of poor maintenance practices. Cleanliness and proper handling of fluids are essential. And filtration is the last line of defence.

Tigercat Certified Filters: Protect Your Investment. Ensure your Tigercat FPT engine has a long, trouble-free service life. Protect your fuel injectors by using Tigercat certified synthetic fuel filters. Order through your Tigercat dealer. Part Number: BH810-1

Fuel Filtration

Tigercat FPT engines operate at higher temperatures and pressures than previous engines. This means even slight fuel contamination can cause serious engine damage. To keep Tigercat FPT engines running smoothly, it is critical to use fuel filters that meet Tigercat specifications.

Source Tigercat fuel filters from your Tigercat dealer. Other filter brands may fit but will not necessarily seal, causing fuel to bypass the filter.

Refer to the Operator’s Manual for the correct intervals and remember that the intervals must be matched to the conditions and duty cycle of the machine.

Hydraulic Oil Filtration

Tigercat hydraulic systems are extremely efficient and as a result, quite sophisticated. Components are manufactured to extremely tight tolerances in order to reach productivity and fuel economy goals. Consequently, these hydraulic components demand effective filtration. It is the job of your hydraulic filters to remove contamination from the oil flow.

Tigercat machines work in punishing conditions. Proper filtration is essential.

 A replacement filter may fit in the same location as your Tigercat branded filter but it may not have the same performance qualities.

There are many important characteristics and criteria to consider when choosing a filter. Tigercat filters have been selected based on:

  • the types of components being protected
  • system flow and pressure
  • the duty cycle of the machine
  • operating temperature range
  • oil viscosity

Other characteristics of the filter to consider:

  • filter efficiency and micron rating
  • filter head bypass rating
  • water separation ability
  • media type
  • dirt holding capacity

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