TEC is the Tigercat Exchange Components program. TEC provides Tigercat machine owners a choice between new or remanufactured components.

Quality | Availability | Savings

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The quality of a TEC component is the same as a new component. TEC remanufactured items carry the same 6-month/1 500 hour warranty as new components. The experienced TEC team and state of the art testing facilities ensure the highest quality rebuilt components. TEC components are priced at 70% of new.

Tigercat guarantees the availability of any TEC component. If the TEC component is not in your dealer’s inventory, Tigercat will expedite the shipment. If Tigercat does not have a TEC item in stock, the equivalent new part will be provided at the TEC price. When you factor in availability, quality and price, there is no better choice than TEC.

The TEC program is currently available in North America only.  Contact your Tigercat dealer for more details.

An interior view of the state-of-the-art production fl oor with Tigercat staff standing behind Tigercat axles and transmissions.