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Tigercat’s First G-series Drive-to-Tree Feller Buncher

Tigercat is pleased to introduce the 724G, the first drive-to-tree feller buncher powered with the high performance Tigercat FPT N67 Tier 4f engine.



BRANTFORD ON, SEPTEMBER 16, 2014 – The 724G wheel feller buncher has more power, a newly designed engine enclosure and improved component layout, providing superior access and serviceability. Best of all, the Tigercat FPT engine meets Tier 4 final emission standards using the simplest possible technology.

Design enhancements to the 724G feller buncher focused on improving the operator experience, productivity and service access. Engine power has increased from 220 to 247 hp with a newly designed engine enclosure roof profile for improved visibility. Detailed information is provided to the operator through a large color display screen for accurate engine and machine monitoring. The enclosure access panels and doors have been redesigned for easier access and increased strength. The engine, hydraulic and electrical component layout has also been designed with easy access and serviceability in mind.

Most importantly, the Tigercat FPT N67 Tier 4f engine is fully supported by Tigercat, including all parts, service, warranty and technical support, significantly benefiting 724G feller buncher owners.

About the Tigercat FPT engine series

Tigercat FPT engines meet Tier 4 emission levels without the need for variable geometry turbochargers, an EGR system, a higher capacity cooling system, an intake throttle body or a diesel particulate filter. Furthermore, the engine series offers improved reliability and lower long-term maintenance costs. The key is the selective catalyst reduction (SCR) which converts the harmful components of the exhaust gas stream into water, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide.

About Tigercat

Tigercat Industries designs and manufactures premium quality forestry and off-road equipment with manufacturing facilities in Canada and worldwide distribution. The diverse product range includes complete full-tree and cut-to-length harvesting systems, a growing line of land clearing and vegetation management equipment and specialized off-road industrial and material handling machinery.