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Tigercat powered 234B loader

Tigercat has recently released the 234B and T234B series knuckleboom loaders with notable improvements, including the addition of a Tigercat FPT Tier 4f power plant and a totally redesigned cabin.

The new 234B and T234B loaders are now equipped with the Tigercat FPT N45 engine, delivering 168 hp. The four-cylinder engine was chosen because it is very well matched to the duty cycle of the 234 series loaders, enhancing fuel efficiency, reducing DEF consumption and improving the performance of the after treatment components. Lifting force and boom speed are unaffected by the engine change and operators are reporting the same high performance characteristics that they have come to expect from the 234.

“Running a Tier 4 final engine requires the use of Selective Catalyst Reduction (SCR) with DEF injection in the exhaust system,” explains Lodovico Sinchetto, Tigercat diesel engine systems engineer. “The SCR needs a minimum average operating temperature. Running a 4,5 litre four-cylinder engine will result in a higher duty cycle ensuring that the exhaust gas temperature is always optimal for the SCR, while delivering the same or better productivity. An exhaust flap positioned just after the turbocharger provides active control of the exhaust temperatures even at low idle, allowing a total continuous idle time up to nine hours.”

The totally redesigned operator’s station has a significantly improved climate control system along with a number of additional features to improve the operator experience. The new heavy duty suspension seat is physically wider and standard equipped with heating and cooling. The seat also has improved adjustability and many of the frequently used rocker switches have been repositioned —  integrated into the armrest mounted joystick pod for enhanced ergonomics. The climate control system is further augmented by the addition of window blinds for the front windshield and skylight. Acoustical engineering along with the quiet N45 engine contribute to extremely low in-cab noise levels, while the new sound system with Bluetooth® audio allows for hands free calling.

The 234B platform is versatile for a variety of applications. The T234B is equipped with a full forest duty Tigercat-built undercarriage providing exceptional stability, flotation and track power. The 234B is available with the Tigercat AC16 articulating carrier, an excellent choice for mill yard applications.