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Tigercat Releases 2160 Loader Forwarder

Tigercat’s new 2160 loader forwarder is well suited to mill yard and a variety of tough duty off-road industrial applications.

The 2160 has a 27-tonne payload capacity and is equipped with Tigercat’s WideRange® drive system and Tigercat-designed and built bogie axles for high tractive effort, quick travel speeds and mechanical reliability.

The upper assembly is equipped with a 9 m (30 ft) knuckleboom loader style boom system with powerful lift capacity and heavy-duty construction. The machine is extremely stable. Tigercat’s unique centre section design promotes excellent stability and reduced reliance on the oscillation lock, allowing the machine to lift large loads without the use of stabilizers.

The 360-degree continuous rotation closed loop swing system combined with the quick and smooth boom, provides unmatched productivity and efficiency when loading, stacking and sorting logs or other materials.

The WideRange® drive transmission provides high tractive effort, quick working speeds, and excellent fuel efficiency without the need to shift gears. Combine this with the low ground pressure and performance capabilities of the Tigercat designed bogie axles for first class performance.

The Tigercat FPT N67 Tier 4f engine rated at 212 kW (285 hp) allows all of these functions to run simultaneously, resulting in unmatched productivity.

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