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Tigercat Releases Multi-lingual App Version 2.2

Tigercat is excited to announce the launch of App version 2.2, now with multi-lingual capability, customizable features, and an upgraded user experience.

Now multi-lingual

This version of the Tigercat App has multi-lingual capability with applicable machine specifications available in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and Swedish. Convenient in-language links take you from the App product page to for more product information and related resources.

Upgraded user experience

The user experience has been improved. Data updates are much quicker and entirely user-controlled. The interface is cleaner and easier to navigate. Dealer and customer login credentials for password-protected areas such as the Dealer Portal and RemoteLog® are stored and remembered for easy access.

Customizable features

When viewing machine specifications, not only can you select your language of choice, you can now customize text size and filter by current machine models or all models. You can also bookmark your favourite products for quick reference. Make sure you have the latest Tigercat information at your fingertips. Visit your app store today.


Tigercat App version 2.2 display screen examples