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Tigercat releases the 1085B forwarder

With the new 25-tonne capacity 1085B, Tigercat enters a new forwarder class.

Tigercat has released the 1085B severe duty forwarder. The 1085B stands alone as the only 25-tonne capacity forwarder offered worldwide by a major industry player.

The 1085B excels in severe duty applications such as long distance forwarding and is especially well matched to steep slopes. The 1085B is equipped with Tigercat bogies that are well proven in severe duty six-wheel drive skidder applications. Tigercat’s unique WideRange™ transmission allows travel at speeds up to 7 km/hr (4.6 mph) with tractive effort sufficient to carry 20 tonne (22 ton) loads up 60% slopes.

The 1085B’s innovative low-wide bunk system combined with the hooked crane improves reliability and decreases loading and unloading times. By angling the load down toward the front and reducing the gate height, the low-wide bunk reduces the chance of contact with the crane and provides maximum load capacity without the need for a vertical slider.

The low-wide bunk system expands up to 7.5 m2 (81 ft2). The 1085B comes standard with Tigercat’s unique hooked F195T85 crane and the Tigercat FG43 grapple, with a larger FG53 grapple as an option. The new crane and grapples have increased production in some applications more than 30% over competitive machines.

The 1085B centre section is based on the legendary Tigercat skidder design, which ensures long life through the use of pre-loaded, tapered roller bearings in the articulation and oscillation joints.

As with all Tigercat products, components are laid out for easy access to service points, making for quick and painless daily maintenance routines. The operator station is large and comfortable with optimized sightlines and ergonomics. Sound levels are under 66 db at full 2,200 rpm engine speed. Lighting, operator controls and interface and the climate control system are carefully engineered, contributing to high productivity and reduced operator fatigue during long shifts.