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Tigercat Retails Prototype 1135 Harvester

In late 2009, after three years of intensive product development, Tigercat completed the prototype 1135 harvester, shipping it to Sweden where it underwent intensive product testing throughout the winter with a number of harvesting contractors.

PARIS ON, APRIL 15, 2010  After a successful round of testing and machine demonstrations, Tigercat AB, based in Hede Sweden has retailed the machine. The 1135 replaces the Tigercat H09, falling into a specialized harvester class. According to CTL product manager Jon Cooper, the 8-wheel drive machine “is specifically designed to manoeuvre between forwarding rows in tightly spaced first thinning stands, dramatically increasing forwarder row spacing and residual stand quality.” The machine’s unique characteristics result in high production rates and the lightest possible impact in managed forests.

In order to achieve this the machine is narrow and highly manoeuvrable with powerful steer cylinders, a tight turn radius, perfect wheel tracking, bogie lifts and ample ground clearance. The Tigercat designed and built parallel linkage crane has a 9,3 m reach achieved with a 2 m telescoping stick. The crane base is equipped with fore/aft leveling to maintain powerful slewing capability in uneven terrain and also has a side tilt function that allows the operator to reach around standing trees.

The operator’s cabin has been carefully designed with emphasis on comfort, ergonomics and visibility. The curved windshield provides unimpeded upward visibility and extended side and rear windows create a clear sightline to the wheels and the ground, all important when operating in-stand. The cab is well appointed with high quality, customizable controls that are ergonomically positioned to minimize operator fatigue. Constant temperature climate control and isolation mounting further contribute to the quiet, comfortable working environment. The 270 degree rotating seat provides ease of entry and exit.

The 1135 is powered by the high performance 170 kW (228 hp) Mercedes 906 with dedicated pumps for the drive, harvesting head and crane functions. The cooling system uses a hydraulically driven automatic variable speed fan for optimal fuel efficiency in cold operating environments.

As with all Tigercat machines, the 1135 is designed and built for high uptime and long service life with strong frames, cylinders and pins throughout. The articulation joint is equipped with tapered roller bearings.

About Tigercat

Tigercat Industries designs and manufactures premium quality forestry and off-road equipment with manufacturing facilities in Canada and Sweden and worldwide distribution. The diverse forestry line includes complete full-tree and cut-to-length harvesting systems.