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Tigercat specializes in the design and manufacturing of premium quality forestry equipment and specialized off-road industrial equipment. Tigercat forestry systems are designed to provide lowest cost per tonne harvesting solutions.

Tigercat is a privately owned Canadian corporation specializing in the design and manufacture of premium quality forestry equipment and specialized off road industrial machinery.

Built in Ontario, Canada

With headquarters in Brantford, Ontario, Tigercat operates from ten southern Ontario locations. These facilities house the design and production teams for all Tigercat products as well as steel fabrication, administration, customer service and parts distribution. Serving the southern US, a large parts distribution and training centre is located in Ailey, Georgia. Tigercat also operates a sales, service and parts distribution facility in Hede, Sweden.

Exterior view of a Tigercat office building.

Tigercat timber harvesting systems achieve lowest production cost per tonne by optimizing efficiency, productivity, operator ergonomics, environmental impact, machine availability and useful lifespan. The Tigercat forestry line includes both tree-length and cut-to-length (CTL) systems. Tigercat offers a range of feller bunchers, skidders, loaders, loggers, harvesters, forwarders and felling and processing attachments.

The off-road industrial product line includes land clearing and site preparation equipment as well as other specialized severe duty carriers used in a variety of niche applications and industries including utilities, oil and gas and silviculture.

Engineering focused

As a customer driven company with strong engineering capabilities, Tigercat thrives on the design and continuous improvement of forestry and off road machinery.