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Tigercat employs over 1300, a far cry from the handful of individuals that designed and built the first 726 feller buncher in 1992. The Tigercat team is the company’s greatest asset.

Similar to end-users, suppliers and dealers, Tigercat employees are considered business partners.

Unhindered by a myriad of rules or long chain of command, Tigercat employees are highly customer focused and empowered to solve problems quickly. As a result, operations at Tigercat are characterized by a high degree of responsiveness, flexibility and proficiency.

Tigercat product development is customer driven and field research is essential to the development process. Designers, technicians and management personnel frequently visit logging operations and logging professionals frequently spend time at the Tigercat factories. This open collaboration between Tigercat designers and logging professionals and ongoing end user contact, is unsurpassed in the industry. The process ensures that Tigercat’s product development is rapid, responsive and aligned with the current and future needs of harvesting professionals.

Tigercat People: a man stands proudly in front of an unfinished machine component in a factory. He wears safety glasses and a holds a welding helmut in one arm and welding gloves in the other.