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Tigercat machinery is well known for structural integrity, long life and the ability to withstand the extreme challenges of full-time forest-duty applications.

A Tigercat spindle goes through the heat treat process. Quenching the part retains the desired hardness.In addition to superior engineering, it is Tigercat’s deep fabricating expertise and high quality welding and machining that account for the durable nature of the machines. The result of Tigercat’s tight, in-house control over steel fabricating is longer useful life, increased machine availability and higher resale values.

Recognizing that in some cases, purchased components hold back the productivity and availability rates of Tigercat machines, the company has sought to take control of the design and manufacture of a selection of key components — including axles and transmissions — in an effort to provide parts that are able to withstand the additional stresses that go along with the high performance and capabilities characteristic of Tigercat machines.