Wayne Cale returns to Tigercat

Tigercat is pleased to announce that former Tigercat district manager, Wayne Cale is returning to his former position effective immediately.

BRANTFORD ON, MARCH 18, 2013 – After a nine year stint as an active partner in CTW Forest Products, a North Carolina based logging business that he established along with founding partners Ben Twiddy (also a former Tigercat district manager) and industry veteran, Jimmy Witherspoon, Wayne Cale is returning to Tigercat.

Originally formed as a swamp logging and sawmill operation, CTW switched over to pine harvesting in 2007 with Cale and Twiddy each leading a crew. Forestry Mutual recently presented CTW Forest Products with its top safety award, the E.K. Pitman Safety Award, as its North Carolina Logger of the Year for 2012 at the NCFA’s Annual Meeting. The safety award recognizes businesses that show a genuine concern for worker safety, going well beyond minimum requirements to ensure a safe and productive workplace.

“Wayne and Ben understand that you can be more efficient, and in the end, more productive, without sacrificing safety,” stated Forestry Mutual’s President Keith Biggs. “Over the years, they have adapted their workforce and operations to adapt to the markets, but they have always focused on safety. We are pleased to present CTW with this award.”

Cale will be taking on his former territory of North Carolina, Virginia and Maryland, once again serving as district manager for the region. Cale initially began in his role as district manager in 1997 and left to start CTW in 2004. Cale will maintain his interest in CTW Forest Products as a non-active partner.

This new development will allow district manager, Kevin Wright, to focus his efforts strictly on South Carolina and north Georgia. The addition of Cale will greatly enhance Tigercat’s support capabilities in North Carolina and Virginia.

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media release: Wayne Cale, district manager

Wayne Cale, district manager