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The Tigercat Fluid Analysis (TFA) program now includes diesel fuel testing.

An operator performs fluid analysis.

What can TFA do for you?

Tigercat Fluid Analysis (TFA) offers a wide range of hydraulic, engine and gear test packages that turns valuable data into meaningful information for you to ensure maximum component life and machine uptime. TFA is able to provide you with the precise determination of problems within 24 hours of receiving the sample.


TFA - Tigercat fluid analysis logo. The letters "T, F, and A" the center of the A looks like a drop of fluid.

TFA kit

Benefits of the Tigercat fluid analysis program:

  • Detect problems before they become catastrophic failures.
  • Increase ability to schedule downtime and forecast cost of repairs.
  • Monitor maintenance schedules, practices and confirm that the required maintenance is being done on time.
  • Increase used equipment value by providing proof of proper maintenance.
  • Test the quality and cleanliness of your diesel fuel.




The fluid analysis program uses the most modern technology available. Most test results are available within 24 hours after receipt of the sample and are supplied in an easy to understand report which calls for specific action and makes detailed recommendations. The report is available by mail, fax, via email and can be viewed over the internet.


Why use TFA

  • Wide scope of tests
  • Tight quality controls
  • Early detection of problems
  • Precise determination of problems
  • User-friendly reports comparing your machine to thousands of other results
  • Next day lab turnaround

Each Kit Includes:

  • 10 pre-paid sample bottles and sample information cards. Pre-printed mailing labels are also included to ensure all samples are quickly returned directly to the lab for immediate analysis and results within 24 hours of receipt.
  • The same sample bottle can be used for all types of oil testing including hydraulic circuits, final drives, axles, gearboxes, engines, etc.
  • To ensure accurate and meaningful results are obtained, each kit also includes detailed instructions on how to properly collect, prepare and ship the fluid samples.




Contact your Tigercat dealer parts department to order fluid sampling kits and take advantage of this excellent preventative maintenance tool.