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Product Support

Global dealer network. Factory-backed local support.
We’ve got your back.

Uptime is everything

Even the best equipment is not good enough without comprehensive parts and service support. The global Tigercat dealer network and Tigercat’s own field support staff are dedicated to responding to your needs and requirements. We've got your back.

Local dealer support you can count on

Tigercat dealer service technicians are factory trained to efficiently diagnose problems and make the appropriate repairs using best practices and genuine Tigercat parts.

All Tigercat replacement parts, from undercarriage to o-ring are carefully specified to optimize the performance of your Tigercat machine.

Service your machine at an authorized Tigercat dealership and always ask for genuine Tigercat parts. Accept no substitute.

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Traction Aids and Tire Maintenance

Traction aids can improve machine performance in adverse terrain. The trick is to understand all variables and choose a configuration that provides the performance benefits without sacrificing tire lifespan, or risking damage to the machine drivetrain system.

bogie axle

Troubleshooting. Help Your Dealer Help You

In logging, time is money just like any other business. When your forestry machine has a technical issue that threatens your wood harvesting capacity, time is of the essence.

Dealer service tech troublshooting a problem

Winter Care for Forestry Machines

Tigercat machine maintenance tips for harsh winter conditions.

Tigercat feller buncher in winter operations conditions

A Trip to Grease

For grease to do its job effectively, it must be present, it must be clean, and it must be good quality. Recognize the importance of regular greasing.

Man greasing a Tigercat machine

Battery Life and Maintenance

Batteries that power our vehicles and equipment are something we give very little thought to, that is, until that dreaded moment that we turn the key and the engine doesn’t start.

battery close-up

Dealing with Diesel

All Tigercat FPT engines require fuel filters and diesel fuel that meet certain minimum standards.

water separator

Forestry Equipment Inspection

Methodical examination and action can help prevent breakdowns, thwart fire and extend the life of your machine. Learn what your daily equipment pre-start inspection should include.

Machinery equipment

Forestry Tire Care

Forestry tires are expensive. Take some simple, common-sense precautions to protect your investment and get the most service life and maximum safety out of your tires.

forestry tires skidder

Track to Success

Track replacement is one of the largest operating expenses for any tracked machine.

track machine climbing a steep hill

Turbochargers: What You Need to Know

What you need to know about turbochargers. Maintenance and awareness to maximize service life and uptime and avoid costly failures.

Turbo charger

Engine and Aftertreatment Care

Tigercat machines often operate in challenging environments and high duty cycle applications. Learn about best practices for achieving maximum performance, uptime and longevity for your engine and aftertreatment system.

Traction Aids and Tire Maintenance

Watch this Traction Aids and Tire Maintenance video to learn more about the proper selection and use of traction aids, as well as best practices for maintaining forestry tires.

Espar Coolant Heater - Important EasyStart Timer Settings

This video demonstrates a few key set-up procedures for the Espar Coolant Heater EasyStart timer. Watch to learn how to access the service menu, set the language and set the undervoltage limit as well as how to determine if the programed time is the desired heater start time or desired departure time – and how to change this setting.

Tigercat Coverage brochure

Download the brochure to learn more about Tigercat coverage.

Tigercat Secure

Tigercat Fluid Analysis (TFA) brochure

Download information on the Tigercat Fluid Analysis program.

Tigercat Fluid Analysis Brochure

Tigercat Exchange Components brochure

Download the brochure to learn more about Tigercat Exchange Components.