A Dangerous Bite

Fluid or high pressure air injected under the skin at pressures as low as 7 bar (100 psi) can cause crippling injuries or even death if not treated promptly.

Turn Off Your Cell Phone

A new jointly developed safety alert from AEM and the MSHA emphasizes the hazards of distracted driving while on the work site. The key message is, ‘Turn off your cell phone while operating off-road equipment’.

General safety links

Links to organizations and resources related to safety in forestry and logging.

Mechanical Timber Harvesting Handbook

This handbook provides information that Oregon® Cutting Systems considers critical to the successful and safe use of saw-chain- based cutting systems in mechanized wood harvesting and processing.

Oregon Cutting Systems (USA)

Chain shot is the high velocity separation and ejection of a piece or pieces of cutting chain from the end of a broken chain in mechanized timber cutting.

Tigercat fire safety

Specific steps which owners of any piece of forestry equipment can follow to reduce the potential for fire.