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Working Safely Around Machines

Laura Rourke, Tigercat‘s safety manager talks about how to stay safe when working under or around hydraulically powered machinery.

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Fluid Injection Injury Prevention

Fluid or high pressure air injected under the skin at pressures as low as 7 bar (100 psi) can cause crippling injuries or even death if not treated promptly.

preventing fluid injection injury

Fire Safety for Feller Bunchers and Mulchers

Compared to other mobile industrial machines, equipment used in forestry has an above average risk of being damaged or destroyed by fire. Take the right steps to minimize the risk of fire. Learn more about best practices.

buncher fire safety

Engine Exhaust Fire Prevention

Wood and engine exhaust definitely don’t mix. Learn to minimize the risk of fire caused by engine exhaust.

component separation

Window Care

How to inspect and maintain polycarbonate windows to ensure ongoing operator safety in the cab.

cab interior, window care