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Between the Branches Archive

Cleaning Polycarbonate Windows

Polycarbonate is literally the operator’s window to the world. Proper cleaning products and protocols applied to Tigercat cab windows will ensure safety and protection, clear visibility, and long-term performance.

Tigercat Polycarbonate Window Cleaner

Fixed 570 for Complete Control

Brothers Mark and Jason Nordine of Nordine Land Management purchase the first Tigercat 570 fixed harvesting head, fitted to an 822D carrier.

Nordine Brothers

OLC 2022 Like a Breath of Fresh Air

After two years of postponed events and border closures, Triad Machinery and Tigercat teamed up to exhibit a range of new products at a well attended OLC 2022.

OLC Attendees


Tigercat southern Africa dealer, AfrEquip delivers units 100 and 101 on the same day.

Tigercat forwarder

Sandlin Logging In the Blood

Fourth generation logger Blake Sandlin talks about family history, motivation, and the steps he took toward running two harvesting crews of his own.

Sandlin Logging crew

An Austrian in Texas

Tigercat district manager Heinz Pfeifer retires after supporting Tigercat dealers and end users in the central southern US since 1998.

Heinz Pfeifer

Cost per Tonne and Telematics

More than a machine monitoring system, telematics is emerging as a business analysis tool.


Third Dimension

Tigercat is increasingly turning to 3D printing technology to streamline design and prototyping processes.

Industrial Engineer

Cut-to-Length In Quebec

We visited contractor Antonin Beauséjour along with operators Cedric Laferrière and Kevin Correnti to get their thoughts on the two new Tigercat H822E/570 harvester packages purchased in late 2021.

Antonin Beausejour

High Production Mulching

Jason and Misty West talk about their land clearing business and how the new Tigercat 760B mulcher fits into the equipment mix.

Westco Land Clearing

Bird’s Eye View Roadside in NZ

We caught up with New Zealand based contractor Ron Thomassen, owner of Thomassen Logging to talk about the new 865 logger. Find out what he has to say about the latest in the Tigercat logger series.

Picture of 865 logger lifting a load in New Zealand

Rebuilding Notre-Dame

It is not often that one can draw a clear line from the forest to the construction site. When it happens, it demonstrates the importance of trees and the timber industry, not just from an economic or engineering perspective but also from the lens of culture.

Beautiful image of Notre Dame

Fielding Logging Tasmania

In Tasmania, Fielding Logging is a well-known name in the logging business, having been active in the forestry industry for over 30 years. It is a family business operated by Laurence, Glenys, and sons Adam and Jeffrey.

Fielding Logging operator standing in front of the Tigercat 570 harvesting head

Tracbel Professionalize Project

Founded by Mrs. Mara Rocha, late wife of Tracbel Group president Mr. Luiz Gonzaga, the Professionalize Project started in 1995 at the company’s headquarters in Contagem, Minas Gerais, Brazil. The Professionalize Project prepares young students, seventeen to nineteen years of age, for insertion in the workplace through a one-year professional development program.

Tracbel Professionalize Project feature image

635H Skidder First Impressions

Forestiers R.B.E. Lasalle is a logging company owned by Richard Lasalle and his sons Eric and Benoit. Based out of Saint-Michel-des-Saints, Quebec, the company purchased the very first 635H skidder in March 2020. Once the machine clocked over 2,500 hours, it was a great time to catch up with Eric to get his impressions.

Tigercat CTL

Tigercat cut-to-length VP Jon Cooper talks about Tigercat’s latest developments in the CTL arena.

Alabama Logger of the Year

Alabama’s Logger of the Year Michael Hutchins, founder of Hutch Trucking Inc. likes to get things right the first time. It’s why he has spent his entire life working hard and doing everything to the best of his ability. It’s this dedication to perfection that would serve him well for the rest of his life, but not before a few bumps in the road.


As Tigercat continues to invest heavily to improve manufacturing efficiency, Chris McMillan looks into Tigercat’s latest highly automated milling machinery in ‘On the Floor’.

Remembering Dick Ronald

One of a kind. November 9, 1944 – December 16, 2020

First 1165 Harvester in Sweden

Swedish contractor and long time Tigercat customer relates his views on the 1165 harvester.

Future Loggers

Rethink, Reuse and Play. Reimagining discarded paper and packaging products.

SOFOSUR’s Niche Harvesting

Chilean harvesting company seeks out used Tigercat 604C skidders as the foundation of its niche harvesting operations.

Rachel’s Drive

Talented processor operator Rachel Brink impresses with her drive, work ethic, and positive attitude.

Tigercat Factory Expansions in 2020

Damn the torpedos. Tigercat expands facilities and increases production capacity on multiple fronts in the midst of global pandemic. Major construction projects and new capital investment will position the company for the next economic expansion.

Operator Feedback 575 Harvesting Head

Australian operators provide feedback on the Tigercat LH822D harvester equipped with the 575 harvesting head in bush fire salvage operations in NSW.

Cedar Hill Services

On a wet and rainy February day in Arkansas, BTB and Tigercat district manager Heinz Pfeifer visited Jimmie McKinney, owner of Cedar Hill Services to learn about his business and his machines, a 234B loader, 724G feller buncher and 625E skidder.

Logging and Lockdowns in South Africa

Gary Olsen reports on the realities of the logging business in South Africa the era of COVID in the new Between the Branches feature, ‘From the Field’.

880D in Construction Applications

Tigercat 880D is configured for more efficient foundation pile installations.

Strong Western Forestry Sector

New ‘From the Field’ feature gives voice to Tigercat field personnel reporting from their far flung corners of the world. Tigercat district manager, James Farquhar, talks about fire prevention stateside and a novel machine in Alberta.

Uptime is Everything

As of mid-September 2020, the first H-series skidder ever built has acquired 965 hours. Between the Branches catches up with Chris Gibson Logging LLC to see how the machine is performing.