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1085C First Impressions

BTB went to Chibougamau in central Quebec in April to visit with Jocelyn Gagné of Forestier 2P Logging and get his first impressions of his new 1085C forwarder.

BTB: When did you start operating the 1085C and how many hours are on the machine?

Jocelyn: The machine was delivered mid-February of this year. It currently has about 550 hours on it. We work double shifts so there is another operator that switches off with me for the evening shift.

Jocelyn Gagné of Forestier 2P Logging in front of his new Tigercat 1085C forwarder.

Jocelyn Gagné of Forestier 2P Logging in front of his new Tigercat 1085C forwarder.

BTB: What machine did you operate prior to this machine?

Jocelyn: I used to run a Tigercat 1075B and prior to that I operated Logset and TimberPro.

BTB: Why did you decide to switch to the 1085C?

Jocelyn: Because there is a lot less maintenance with Tigercat and the toughness of the gears, bogies and crane. I can get more out of these costly components before they need a repair. We only have one harvester so we don’t need it for larger production but we purchased it for the toughness and Tigercat components.

BTB: What type of wood are you hauling?

Jocelyn: Around here people are typically hauling 12 ft [3,6 m], 16 ft [4,9 m] or 21 ft [6,4 m] logs. But now we are hauling logs that are 25 ft [7,6 m] long, so the strong, far-reaching Tigercat boom is very nice to have to maximize each bunch.

The 1085C forwarder working in Chibougamau, Quebec.

The 1085C forwarder working in Chibougamau, Quebec.

BTB: Did anything surprise you about the machine?

Jocelyn: The drive power is a lot more than I expected. It really impressed me. It is a heavy machine but the tractive power is there. We moved further north to snow now so I have been able to really feel the power now that the wheels aren’t spinning out.

BTB: Are you comfortable in the cab?

Jocelyn: The cab is gold. Very spacious with good visibility and the window shades help a lot to stay cool in the summer.

BTB: How do you find the hooked crane and low-wide bunk configuration?

Jocelyn: The hooked crane is as different as night and day. We don’t even need to think about hitting the bunk and gate anymore. It is very good.

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1085C Forwarder in Quebec

Watch a 1085C forwarder in action. Owned to Jocelyn Gagne of MULTI 2P Inc. and operating near Chibougamau, Quebec.