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Changes to Tigercat Social Media

Tigercat announces changes to corporate social media accounts.

Due to an ongoing legal dispute related to the use of the Tigercat brand name in the countries of Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg (collectively known as the Benelux region), Tigercat Industries Inc. is compelled to take certain actions related to its online social media presence.

As of October 10, 2023, Tigercat’s corporate LinkedIn profile will be deactivated until further notice. Also on October 10, 2023, Tigercat will change the status of its Instagram feed from public to private. While current Tigercat followers will be unaffected, anyone who is not, and wishes to view the page feed must submit a request to follow. Individuals residing in Benelux should not submit a request to follow as these individuals are not permitted to view Tigercat branded content.

Tigercat Industries Inc has been in business for 32 years and is currently a dominant producer of forest harvesting and vegetation management equipment. However, the complainant in the dispute has convinced a Belgian court to prohibit the use of the Tigercat brand name in Benelux. In order to comply, the above actions must be taken with regard to the LinkedIn and Instagram accounts.

The primary assertion of the complainant in several related ongoing legal actions throughout the world is that there exists a risk that forestry professionals are unable to determine that the brands of Tigercat and the complainant are unrelated, and that the two companies are separate entities. Tigercat does not believe there is or ever has been any such confusion.