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Tigercat and Klabin

Klabin’s Parana operations featuring the L870C buncher, LS855C shovel logger and 625C skidder. Watch the machines fell, shovel and skid large eucalyptus to roadside in this ultra-high production application.

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The World of Klabin

Klabin is an integrated forest products company with 14 000 direct and outsourced employees, extensive land holdings and multiple industrial plants spread throughout eight states in Brazil.

A road crew turns a recently felled tree into bridge material. These diameters are not uncommon in the older 25-30 year old stands.

Eucalyptus Full-tree System

ExpoForest 2014 in Brazil. A eucalyptus full-tree harvesting system in a plantation with 0,18 m³ piece size. Tigercat 860C feller buncher with the 5300 series bunching saw, Tigercat 635D skidder and T250B loader with a grapple saw.