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Machine Art

Business administrator by day and painter by night, 23-year-old Ariana Franco has recently completed a painting of a Tigercat 720G feller buncher, commissioned by Latin Equipment Argentina.

Hailing from Corrientes, Argentina, Ariana took up painting five years ago as a hobby, but the growing demand for her work turned her hobby into a part-time job.

“In February I was commissioned to paint this Tigercat machine, which represented a big challenge for me as I had never painted heavy equipment before. I decided to take the job as it would allow me to learn more and expand the scope of my work.”

Ariana tells us that the painting took her two months to complete. She started with the background, then the sky and trees. The machine was painted last. “Every part of the machine was a challenge. I needed to know how the machine worked.” Ariana comments that the help of her husband was important. “He knows Tigercat equipment well, so he explained to me how everything worked.”

Curious fact, Ariana says that the most difficult parts to paint were the wheels. After a few corrections, the last brushstrokes were used to add the sawdust. “From an artistic viewpoint, it is the sawdust that makes the painting come to life.” She adds that the contrast of the machine’s vibrant yellow against the green background is what she likes the most about the painting.

Ariana has already been commissioned to paint another Tigercat machine. “I’m really excited about this opportunity, and I hope to learn more about Tigercat equipment so that the next painting turns out better than the previous one.”

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