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RemoteLog: Off site Access to Telematics

Be connected to your forestry operation from almost anywhere - all you need is RemoteLog®, a tablet or computer, and the Internet.

Tigercat RemoteLog® is a complete telematics system for machine monitoring and fleet management. Everything you need to know is organized within an easy-to-use web portal, providing important performance and service information in near-real-time.


Off site machine monitoring and fleet management.


Graphic image of a satellite in the center with dotted lines pointing to Tigercat machines, a laptop computer and a tablet. Conveying that telematics information is transmitted via satellite from your machine to your computer or tablet.


Keep an eye on the data that matters to you.

Dig deeper only if you need to.



RemoteLog logo. The word "Remote" over the word "Log"

Geographic Location

Activity Timeline

Fuel Levels and Consumption

Mechanical Dashboard

Diagnostic Messages





Easy-to-use web interface for desktop and mobile.


Important performance and service information provided in near real-time.


RemoteLog Quick Facts:

  • Mobile friendly
  • No operator training required
  • Preset reports available with further customization if desired
  • Prescheduled reports can be sent by email on a daily, weekly or monthly basis
  • Custom notifications can be sent to your smartphone or email
  • Fuel level reports can be sent to a central location to plan fuel deliveries
  • Multi-language support, plus custom settings for local time zones
  • Machines can be grouped in any combination based on type, crew, location, or other parameters
  • Worksite maps can be uploaded and displayed as an overlay on Google Maps
  • The machine’s geographic location coordinates can be exported to Google Maps to quickly determine driving directions
  • Quick and easy reference to machine hours for each machine in the fleet to help plan your maintenance
  • Your Tigercat dealer can receive text or email messages communicating machine location, diagnostic messages to optimize service calls
  • Quickly get the right parts to the right location and maximize machine uptime


Satellite transmission with no need for a cellular signal.


A Bar graph represents fuel consumption per machine.

A bar graph represents fuel consumption per machine.


Screenshot of the Tigercat Remote Log web interface. Values represent the state of the fuel system.

Diagnostic messages are sent via email or SMS test message to notify you of a critical issue. A description of the alert, failure source, cause and repair suggestion are provided.


Free subscription to start

RemoteLog comes with a free subscription to start. After the free subscription ends, plans are available for purchase through your Tigercat dealer. Retrofit kits are available for Tigercat FPT powered machines.


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