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RemoteLog Improvements

Tigercat has released a new RemoteLog® portal with several enhancements.

New diagnostics dashboard

Mobile users may now easily review machine fault codes grouped in cards and colour coded by severity. Office personnel may view fault codes in an easy to sort and filter list. A single click brings up technical information for any fault code. The easily accessible engine troubleshoot guide gets you the answer you need quickly.

New machine summary report

A new one-stop machine summary report is now being sent to you weekly. It contains data that matters to your business such as operating time, production metrics, total fuel consumption, fuel rates, engine hours, machine utilization, and summary of fault codes.

Enhanced machine management

Easily access the control software version running on the machine. Get at the telematics firmware version to see if it needs to be updated. Quickly find your primary dealer contact.

New production metrics

Track how much you are producing with your machines. Mulchers now reporting mulched land area to give you a sense of their productivity. Harvesters and processors report production volumes and stem counts while forwarders report number of loads.

RemoteLog production summary report display screen on a laptop