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Tigercat Telematics

Tigercat telematics provides real-time data and machine diagnostics for fleet management and machine monitoring. Reduce downtime and troubleshoot issues faster and smarter.

Get the data that matters to you off site or onsite, with Tigercat telematics.

Tigercat’s telematics solution includes two components.

RemoteLog® allows users to perform fleet management functions remotely. Performance, diagnostic and location data are transmitted to the RemoteLog online platform via satellite.

LogOn™ allows users to connect directly to a machine’s telematics system via a local WiFi signal to access a similar dataset of performance and diagnostic information.

New features are added to Tigercat’s telematics platforms regularly.

RemoteLog logo
Remotely monitor and manage your fleet of machines OFF SITE using RemoteLog.

  • Access remotely while on the road or at the office
  • Launch the RemoteLog web interface through your computer or mobile device
  • Free subscription to start

Find out more about the latest RemoteLog features

LogOn logo

Access detailed machine data and diagnostic tools with your phone ONSITE using LogOn.

  • Access onsite within 15 m (49 ft) of the machine using WiFi capable device
  • Launch LogOn through the Tigercat mobile App
  • Standard on all Tigercat models

Find out more about the latest LogOn features


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