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6900 Grinder in British Columbia

Biomass pellet production – the first stage. Watch the Tigercat 6900 grinding feedstock derived from logging residue. The ground material passes through 65 mm (2.5 in) screens, producing a consistent size and quality of material well suited to the next stage of the pelleting process.

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Introducing the Tigercat 6900 Grinder

Tigercat officially introduces the 6900 grinder, the first regular production offering in Tigercat's material processing category.

6900 Grinder Walk-around

Jim Oberg, product manager for Tigercat grinders and chippers takes us on a walk-around of the 6900 grinder. The 6900 uses the highest quality components and is designed for extreme duty and long life, as well as ease of operation and service. Watch this video to learn more about this heavy-duty upswing grinder made for high throughput material reduction and mulch production.

6900 Grinder

Watch the Tigercat 6900 grinder in action in Ontario and South Carolina. The horizontal grinder is a heavy-duty upswing material processor designed for maximum production.

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